Holy Wisdom School Infrastructure

The school is well equipped with the basic as well as advance needs of the students according to the requirements of modern times. The school has well maintained separate Science Labs (Physics, chemistry and Biology) along with a composite lab. Computer lab is also according to the latest requirements of the students and well supported by trained teachers and experts. All the classrooms are of ideal size as per the standards set up by the CBSE. Rooms are well equipped with ‘Smart class’ concept.
The school building has sufficient number of clean and separate toilets for boys, girls and staff. The school also has separate change rooms for boys and girls. A first-aid-trained teacher is also present in the school every time to meet out any emergency. The students are also provided lunch in the mess of the school where fresh and nutritious food is served to the students in most hygienic conditions. The school strictly prohibits junk food.
Despite being situated in hills, the school has two playgrounds, further to be expended very shortly. These grounds are enough to play games like basketball, badminton, lawn tennis, football and cricket at school level.


The class rooms are spacious, well ventilated with plenty of space for the Students and teachers to move around and interact.


Well stocked libraries in the Senior Block and the Junior Block provide reading and reference facilities on a variety of subjects. These go a long way in reinforcing what the students learn in the class room. The accession of latest books on Sciences, Art, Computers, Humanities, Social Studies, Languages, General Knowledge, and Environment etc. is a continuous and ongoing process.

Computer Lab

The School has a well-equipped Computer Lab for providing Students with the theoretical Knowledge and practical operation of the computer system.

Science Laboratories

Modern well equipped Science Laboratories are provided to give Students a hands-on experience in physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics.


The institution believes in inculcating the right values with a deep feeling for our culture & heritage. We at Holy Wisdom School work for the development of scientific thinking for the holistic development of the child.

To impart a sound, moral and intellectual training to students making them realize their true dignity as the children of God.

To promote the highest standards in all respects of the curriculum by ensuring that all pupils develop their potential. To boost up Spiritual and Ethical rejuvenation.

To enhance competence and confidence to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

To uphold human values of our composite culture.

To seek the intelligent collaboration of the parents and active and sincere co-operation of the staff for the attainment of these ideals and objectives. .


A Framework on Time Management Policy to help Teachers and Students to realize the Importance and Value of Time to achieve Excellent Results in the given Time Bound Assignments, such as -Scholastic, Co-Scholastic and Day to Day Life in the next 5 years. It would comprise of Regularity, Punctuality, Proficiency in Teaching and Learning, High Energy Level and a Healthy Environment.